Annette Sanchez

5 Star - 4 months ago

I thought FastBraces seemed to good to be true, and I am very happy that I made an appointment with Dr.Espinoza. After he explain the process I decided to go for it. Best decision I ever made. I have about a month to go and I am looking forward to seen the final results. Thank you Dr.Espinoza for the great experience and quality work you have done on my teeth.

Emina K

5 Star - 3 months ago

I just went for my first appointment with Dr. Espinoza and I couldn't be more pleased. He was very thorough and informative- It really seemed he was concerned for my well being. Great staff and service- Everything about this office was very professional. I couldn't be happier with my new dentist and strongly recommend Central Dental Care here in Phoenix, AZ. These guys are the best!!

Mary Lynn Durocher

5 Star - April 17

I went there on Sat to see my friend Michael Wheaton to bring him something! He introduced me to the Staff & Dr Espinosa. Next thing I know I was one of their new patients! Naomi X-Rayed my teeth! Dr Espinosa checked my teeth & suggested some work to be done. Marina & Jennifer set me up with an appointment for cleaning & work to be done as well as a finance plan to suit my budget What a wonderful experience! God's plan for me for sure! This office is truly a people-oriented office! Can't wait to go back & get started!

A pleasant day indeed! Thanks to All of you!

William Boyer

5 Star - April 29

I am definitely not one for dentists. But the past two visits have been very, very relaxing and supportive. The atmosphere is set, positive vibes from the team, they are there to help you feel relaxed and safe . thank you Doc. I really appreciate your comfort from you and your awesome team. The anxiety has left the building. You have my confidence and I will be staying for life.. Regards. WB.

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