Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Do you have tooth pain that is unbearable or getting progressively worse?

Do you have pain that begins when you drink hot / cold fluids or when you bite down on a particular tooth?

It is important to know that situations like these rarely resolve themselves and seeking treatment is almost always your best option. Here at Central Dental Care, Dr. Espinoza and Associates are committed to providing exceptional root canal treatments in a patient-friendly and pain free environment.

An average of almost twenty million root canals are performed each year. Root canal is the preferred treatment to save a tooth that otherwise would fail and have to be extracted. Root canal treatment is highly successful and usually lasts for the patient's entire lifetime. It is important to know that the sooner you get in to see us here Central Dental Care, the sooner we can make the diagnosis, get you out of any discomfort and work on saving your tooth while keeping the infection from spreading to your other, healthy, teeth.

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