Dental Fillings & Mercury Filling Removal

Dental Fillings & Mercury Filling Removal

Missing or damaged teeth can neagtively affect the quality of life for our patients when it comes to function and appearance. Besides aesthetics, there are health concerns such as dietary restrictions, difficulty chewing, and possible muscle and/or joint problems.

When a patient has a missing tooth or teeth, they may also experience physical changes such as alterred appearance of facial features and potential for the jawbone to shrink. This can happen over time with single or multiple missing teeth and diminished bone health can contribute to bone deterioration over time.

Central Dental Care offers a number of painless and comfortable treatment options to replace missing teeth, and a single implant option can avoid having to prepare adjacement teeth for treatment. However, if multiple teeth are missing we can offer several solutions depending on the patient's requirements. These treatments will help to counteract any further bone loss, improve the your smile and provide better function while chewing food.

Book your appointment today to meet with our staff and discuss your treatment options. We wil conduct a thorough examination and plan a safe and minimally invasive plan to help you achieve a beautiful, natural looking smile!

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