Crown, Bridge & Implants

Crowns, Bridges & Dental Implants

Losing a permanent tooth be it from decay, gum disease, injury or accident can produce serious problems for your other healthy teeth. If the vacant tooth is not replaced even more teeth might eventually be lost. The preferred treatment is a ceramic crown, bridge or implant from Central Dental Care. This will restore your proper bite and stop teeth from moving, shifting and being susceptible to gum disease and decay.

With twenty years experience in restorative dentistry, Central Dental Care is your "go to" place for this treatment. Dr. Mark Espinoza will have a Smile Makeover meeting with you and explain your best treatment option. Then the work is completed, while you wait, with our CEREC 3 technology.

Here at Central Dental Care, there are no "molds" taken or "labs" to be sent out to. A 3D, fully digital, image is taken of the affected area in your mouth and fed into our CEREC 3 machine that mills the crown, bridge or implant from a block of ceramic while you wait.

Benefits of Crown, Bridge & Implant Treatment:

  • Restore your ability to bite and chew
  • Prevents unnatural stress on other teeth
  • Prevents other teeth from moving & tilting
  • Improve your Speech & Enhances Your Smile
  • Discourages further decay and gum disease
  • Protects weak teeth from further damage

Remember, our Motto is: "Teeth in a Day!"

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